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Research Projects
by BioBus Jr. Scientists

Lead Levels in Lower East Side Community Garden Soil

Michelle Liu, Arianna Santos, Steven Sierra, Frankie Ackerman

Lowering Mosquito Population in LES Community Gardens Using Dragonflies and Mosquito Traps

Chandani Shrestha, Ivan Yang, Marc Anthony Suarez, Natasha Gonzalez

Lessons in Science and Development

Musa Shams, Yamini Patel

Keep It Shrimple

Ariel Andrade, Jazyln Fuentes, Elsa Sam

Effects of Microplastics on Ecosystems

Aylyn Mejia Lebron, Ryan Mei, Stefan Valdez, Victoria Campaña

Bugs and Drugs

Ela Ekincioglu, Madelin Ramos

NYC Virus Hunters - Working together to prevent the next pandemic

Karla Azcona, Daneidy Burgos, Mariama Diallo, Aaron Huang, William Kim

Effect of Drugs on Behavioral Traits of Drosophila Melanogaster using the Geotaxis and Locomotion Assays

Alexis Gutierrez, Chosen Archie, Sofia Lopez

Effects of Sodium Nitrate and Ammonium Hydroxide on the Behavior of Daphnia Magna

Betzie Rosario, Keyanna McBryde

Music and the Brain

Miles Larkins, Zion Irvine

Effects of Fertilizer on Soil

Hamza Alamgir, Elsa Sam

Jellyfish vs Depth in the Hudson River

Chosen Archie, Alexis Gutierrez, Edward Thompson

Ideal Habitat for Oysters

Lisa Farley, Zion Irvine, Jason Marte

Urban Foraging

Alaha Nasari

Mushroom Growth Viability in NYC Community Gardens

Candida Barreto

What's on the menu for eels?

Julianne Aguilar, Sofia Lopez, Miles Larkins

The Effect of Microplastics on Terrestrial and Aquatic Organisms

Angelina Li, Rubie Menendez, Lou-Ann Sire

The effect of classical music on working memory and processing speed

Lauren Conner, Hamza Alamgir, Chosen Archie

Isolation in the pandemic: A social experiment

Tishai Coke, Ameria Elliot, Milan Ndjiki

Marine Cladocerans Form and Function: Biological Illustration

Brianna Brookes

How does social contact affect my mental health?

Teresa Bautista, Elani Colon

Exploring the Biodiversity of three Lower East Side Community Gardens in NYC

Kendra Ing

Neighborhood Soil Science Curriculum

Jane Rhee, Joseph Parziale, Shemar Rhoden

The Effects of Soil Lead Contamination on Wisconsin Fast Plants (Brassica rapa)

Bea Mace, Zarifa Akbary

Analysis of Drosophila melanogaster preference to Food-infused Ethanol

Vanessa Akwada, Leya Groysman

Effects of Dauer on C. elegans Behaviors: Assessing Impact of Various Induction Methods Across Mutants

Emily Eichenholtz, Wamia Siddiqui, Lee-Ashlie Fang

Studying antibiotic resistance of gut bacteria in Molgula manhattensis

Marina Delgado

All About Hydra: A guide for Teachers

Vanessa Akwada, Sofia Vazquez

Drunk Drosophila: Analysis of Long and Short-Term Exposure of Apterous (wingless) Drosophila Melanogaster to Ethanol

Vanessa Akwada, Aina Muhd Shahrulmiza

Illuminating the Brain

Sally Lau

Phytoplankton and Microplastics

Sadie Waldron, Matthew Diaz, Chosen Archie

Ecology Curriculum

Uli Lindo, Aaron Nelson

Bacteria Busters: Human vs Hudson

Sofia Lopez, Chadisha Cummings

Environmental Engineering

Evelyn Gonzalez, Jason Marte

Microplastics and Photosynthetic Activity in Algae: A Macro-problem

Madelin Ramos, Amber Siurano

The Effect of Dietary Elements on Fly Movement and Behavior

Aishah Awotubo-Qasim, Hawa Drame

Effects of Age on Cognitive Processing

Lisa Farley

Effects of Genetic Modifications on Soybean and Fast Plant Growth

Julianne Aguilar, Milan Ndjiki

How Basic Are Daphnia?

Isha Dhanjal, Chadisha Cummings, Caroline Vooss

Air Quality Research: Comparing PM2.5 in Two Sites in New York State

Jason Marte

Garden Biodiversity Curriculum 3rd-6th grade

Laura Saint-Victor

Decomposition Class

Marikit Moreno

Here 2 Stay! Sessile Organisms in the Hudson River Estuary

Hamza Alamgir, Elsa Sam

Lead remediation in NYC soils

Tiffany Zeng

Garden Biodiversity Curriculum

Grace Nkrumah

Using Mushrooms to remediate NYC soils

Karen Ni

New York City Virus Hunters

Shatoni Bailey, Teresa Bautista, Djenabou Diallo, Joel Gonzalez, Jesus Gonzalez

Particulate Matter in Upper Manhattan and the South Bronx

Jason Marte, Ivy Martinez, Miah Soto

Drosophila on Stimulants

Hawa Drame & Betzie Rosario

An Environmentally Friendly Way to Exclude Rollie Pollies

Anna Ferretti

Developing a method for species identification in crustaceans

Brianna Brookes

Analysis of the Benefits of Community Gardens

Mit Patel


Nico Bustamante, Addeson Lehv

Ants-wering Questions: Effects of Antenna Alteration on Ant Behavior

Busayo Oluwagbamila

Daphnia in Microplastics

Zarina Akbary

Brain and the Brainless: Euglena, Perception and Brainwaves

Joseph Parziale, Yeuming Li, Megan Vetter

Baylander Exploration - Hudson River Ecology

Busayo Oluwagbamila, Shemar Rhoden, Joseph Alemar

The Filtration Potential of Oysters to Purify NYC's Waterways

Naomi Moriera, Sharlene Odame, Hallie Robin

Focus on Eyes

Ahmed Alzibairi

Can Hydra, an organism with no brain but a nerve network, be conditioned?

Seher Ali, Isuri Poththewela

This page was created by BioBus Summer 2021 Jr. Scientist William Rhee.

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