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Effects of Social Distancing on Mental Health

Junior Scientists Nico Bustamante, Miah Soto, and Anjali Basdeo designed surveys for NYC students to give feedback about themselves and their experiences learning remotely and physically distancing. It also probed at their behaviors. See the surveys and results below.


Anjali Basdeo, Nicholas Bustamante, Miah Soto


Tessa Hirschfeld-Stoler and Christine Marizzi

Project Period:




A human-killing virus? Self quarantine? Online work and school? It seems as if the world is changing too fast for us to react; because of this, our mental health is at stake. It is important for us to record how we feel during these times and to remember that we are not alone. In this project we sent out a self-reflective survey that records how you have been feeling and updates you on how others feel. A Buzzfeed quiz was also sent out to determine an activity for everyone at home. Our hope is that our project will not only be of use during these quarantined times but can be used for mental health exercises for the long term.

Working at Home: A Self Evaluation survey

This survey allows the user to record how they are currently. It also allows us to see the results of our population (teenage students) and any patterns in their responses.

BuzzFeed Quiz was a light and fun way to have participants assess their activity and behavior.

This page was originally developed by BioBus Summer 2021 Jr. Scientist William Rhee.

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