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The Effects of Different Nutrient Solutions on Early Plant Health and Growth in Hydroponics

How do different concentrations of nutrients effect plant growth in hydroponics systems?


Aaron Huang, Arianna Santos, Jenise Nunez, Luisa Valdez, Maliha Khan


Candida Barreto

Project Period:

2023 Summer



This experiment is on the effects of different nutrient solution amounts on plants in a hydroponic system. The amount of nutrients given to the plants in the system varies due to the type of plant, the water-to-nutrient ratio, among other factors. We tested three different solution concentrations to determine which will give the best results for health and growth in the plants. Health was defined by the amount of leaves and the growth of the stem. Through this experiment, we hope to determine if the amount of nutrient solution used for the plants was the cause of the plants passing away. We found that the highest concentration of nutrient solution resulted in the highest growth. Still, our data was inconclusive due to varying factors in our experiment. Additional experiments would be needed to further understand our findings.

This page was originally developed by BioBus Summer 2021 Jr. Scientist William Rhee.

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