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BioBus celebrates...

Brain Awareness Week

Neuroscience of Seeing.jpg
The Neuroscience of Seeing
@ BioBase Harlem
(3227 Broadway, New York, NY)
Wednesday, March 15th

Come learn about the neuroscience of seeing & perceiving! How does your brain understand art? Come see real brains & help us dissect eyes!

Stop by BioBase Harlem after school, or bring your after-school program

for hands-on exciting neuroscience & meet real neuroscientists!!!

BAW 2023.png
Beauty and the Brain
@ Adam Clayton Powell Jr. Plaza
(163 W 125th St, New York, NY)
Saturday, March 18th

Join BioBus, BraiNY, RockEDU, and Ms. Steph's Science Club

for a celebration of neuroscience & Harlem culture!

Make sure to also check out our
Brains Theme Page
for a lot of brain-related science
to do, watch, and read!
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